In this post, I just want to share with you an article by Eric Worre, the biggest expert in network marketing. I really like this opinion of him, as very often in the network-marketing world there are talks of not sharing with your sidelines. I never understood that as we are all working for the same company and we all want the company to grow so that we have more to offer to our clients. Especially in the company that I am involved in and you could become part of by signing up for the masterclass.

Have a great read;

Eric Worre:

“What I am really here to talk to you about is how to find and manage a team.

One observation I have made over the years is on the importance of how our teams are structured. You hear it all the time, those Network Marketing businesses are pyramid schemes. Mostly, you hear this from people who have no idea.

BUT, maybe we should listen a little closer??

In my experience, the highest earning Network Marketers are those that structure their team like a network, not like a pyramid. A bottom-up approach…

Those that succeed the most are the ones that encourage cross leg communication and strategizing. Anyone on the team can report and ask questions of anyone else on the team. The fastest growing Network Marketing teams are those who reach out for outside resources and inspiration.

Movement & Communication – The way that you encourage movement and communication in your team may directly affect your level of success. Do you expect your team members to stay in a top-down structure or do you encourage them to communicate up and down, left to right, and diagonally?

Speed – The bottom-up approach increases the speed of improvement dramatically. Do you want your team to be able to make changes and advances quickly or slowly?

Here’s the skinny:

Build a network within your team, not a pyramid. Encourage and reward diagonal communication. Promote the idea of cross leg strategizing. 

If you’re trying to grow a business, find a team, structure that team to grow, develop interconnections amongst that team.”

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