May I Introduce Myself?

Hi, I am Leontien, Dutch, living in Italy, I am a merchant marketer, a Confidence Coach and I invest in property in the UK. I am passionate about empowering women because I am convinced that it is a must for women to take charge of their own lives.

I was born and raised in the Netherlands, but have been living in Italy since the age of 27.

I used to work as a Facilitator family counselor, using the Hellinger systemic approach therapy in working towards a solution. Using this approach and way of thinking played a big role in me getting involved in confidence coaching.  My coaching is also very much influenced by NLP and Anthony Robbins. I firmly believe that you, and you alone, determine how you live your life and that it is always possible to change your life for the better.

Everything changed for me

My journey started after we found out that our pension plan was a fraud and we had to provide another way to make our money work for us to be in a comfortable position later on in life.

We began researching how we could do it as we were completely ignorant and uneducated. We started out with Rich Dad Poor Dad coaching which lead us to a National Achievers Congress. There we were introduced to a lot of different forms of wealth building.

We chose to start our journey with a property education company in the UK. This resonated very much with us, because it ticked all the boxes of what we were looking for; creating passive income, creating a legacy and letting our money work for us. We jumped in and signed up for a whole package of property courses, mentorship and coaching. We immersed ourselves in property, to get the right knowledge and contacts.

It worked out well for us but I soon realised that property is not for everyone, and if I want to help other women to take charge of their lives I had to find something else, something more suitable for everyone.

That is when I decided to search for the best network company, where the only thing you have to invest is time and hard work.

“You are the creator and the expert of your own life” – Anthony Robbins

why this should interest you

I found a company, in fact, I am still working at this company.

As my mission is to help other people I have decided that I want to set up a free master-class to create this network business together, help-each-other and grow together! You will receive support, scripts, information as well as free coaching.

The class takes place once a year and with access for only ten people.


In the guide “Five Great Steps to take Charge of Your (financial) Life” you will be guided, to set you up with the right mind-set that you as a woman you can do it and you need to do something, to set yourself up to take full charge of your own life and I would love to be with you on your new journey.

Download “Five Great Steps to take Charge of Your (financial) Life”

This is about creating a new sparkle in your life, to get you going towards a better version of yourself, you can start today!

Regarding the property course, we now have a property portfolio in the UK and a lot of experience. We started out with JV partners and moved on by ourselves.

To say that it was difficult is an understatement, we had a lot of challenges along our way, and that is what I want you to avoid because as a non-UK resident there are some differences in your investment journey.

I am able to help you find your way through the property jungle and provide you with the right contacts, still being coached myself and being part of a mastermind group in the UK, I have direct access to all of the right people to make this work.

Check Out Triple 3 Property Course

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