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If you are interested in the MLM industry and want to find out more about how I can help you, this page is where I will be posting blogs and other useful content.

Especially for those who are used to creating results with what they do, who want to live their life on their terms.

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Communicate, Strategize, Succeed!

In this post, I just want to share with you an article by Eric Worre, the biggest expert in network marketing. I really like this opinion of him, as very often in the network-marketing world there are talks of not sharing with your sidelines. I never understood that...

Go For NO!!! click to read

What will happen if you set yourself up for 20 no's per day? You will build a pretty large organization, one you can build on for years and years to come. 20 No’s A Day Is A Lot! Because it’s NOT 20 calls. It’s NOT 20 people. It’s 20 No’s. No, I don’t want to see your...

Is the Masterclass something for You? click to read

Last week we offered you the tool to see where you are now, how balanced is your life at this moment. This week let’s talk about your goals and how important it is to write your intentions down, because as long as they are in your head they are just wishes, as Anthony...

Time to Take Charge of Your Life – click to read

Start preparing yourself to become part of our Masterclass by setting up your goals. Welcome in 2019 the year is opening up for us, hopefully, you still feel excited and happy. Even though the Roman calendar dictates the dates and year changes, the psychological...

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