A couple of days ago I read this article in a Dutch newspaper and this is not only specific to Holland.

We already had another article about this subject but I like to repeat it as it is so important to realise this.

The article stated the following;

“Men build considerably more pension than women. The average pension for men is almost 50% higher than that for women.

This is information from the pension entitlement statistics of the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS in the Netherlands).

On average, men come to a pension of € 13,700 a year, compared to € 9,200 for women. “This is related to the difference in participation in the labour market and the difference in the extent to which people work part-time,” according to the CBS.

The pension amount of men and women only varies during the career. “At the start of their working lives, men and women create about the same amount of pension, but in older age groups men appear to have built up higher entitlements than women.”

The CBS Netherlands did not measure which pension people actually received after retirement. But the pension that people can expect has been looked at.

The CBS concludes that men between the ages of 55 and 60 are building up the highest pension entitlement. It is assumed that they do not become unemployed or incapacitated for work in the meantime.

“The highest pension entitlement for women is 35 to 40-year-olds. At all ages, women build less pension than men. The difference is smallest for 25-30-year-olds.”

It looks so smart when you become parents that one of you does a step back regarding the career and decides to work part-time. For sure at that time you don’t think about what this means for you when you get older, you don’t think about what will happen to you when you get divorced or widowed.

But please be aware of your own actual situation right now and what you need to have a decent living when you get older.

This is not meant to make you feel bad or scared, these are just facts and it is important to be aware of them because there are lots of ways to take charge of your life right now, even if you have no idea where to start.

Small steps at a time, and I would love to do that together with you.

One way to do this is to become part of a network marketing community.

Network marketing is something you can start at any age in any situation, even besides your job or being a stay at home mom.

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