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See what clients have to say about Leontien and her help & guidance.

“There’s nothing I love more than knowing I have helped somebody else achieve success” – Leontien Homulle

It is hard work but very easy because with her everything is possible. She shows you the solutions, not the problems. She let you analyze the situation from different points of view, to find the best way to go. She can listen beyond your words and she pushes you to look farther than what is clear in front of you. She is able to get the best out of the person because she sees the potential in everyone and she just doesn’t stop at the appearance.

Franca Muredda

Hi, I’m Tena. It’s my great pleasure to have known Leontien for a number of years now. What a lovely lady. Always so keen to help her friends with tips and advise. We have had some great brainstorming sessions together. And have helped each other in a number of ventures. I wish you well Leontien, and may your new venture be a great success.

Tena Hocking

I have had the chance to work with Leontien and it has been a beautiful experience. Leontien is very open, easy going and she takes everything on with determination. For her, it seems natural to focus on the solution and not on the problem.

I have learned a lot from our collaboration and she has enriched me a lot. Her analyses were always to the point, very detailed, her online research was very accurate, but most of all her being so positive has been really contagious.

Elisabetta Morgante


But why me? Why Leontien?

I am creating my own financial independence, preparing for a better future and creating my pension so I can continue to live my true desired life.  I am already using property as one vehicle to wealth and investing in the UK myself as a non-UK resident, so I know the ins and outs of the processes. I have a lot of contacts who can help us along the way.  I have also started building a successful MLM business to create multiple income streams.

I am passionate about helping women to realise their full potential and get to know their own power.

My coaching is aimed to identify people’s problems, working towards solutions and keep them accountable for creating optimal results.

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