First of all, this is not a new job, this is a business and you have to treat it as a business.

You shouldn’t track your hours and expect to receive a similar income as in your job.

You should track the completion of small daily tasks, with your commitment to make this work and over-time you will see that this is the compound into significance, impact, and rewards.

In the beginning, you will do a lot for little and in the end a little for a lot.

A lot of people will want to know how much money you are making, probably your partner wants to see some extra income for all the time you will spend setting up this business, but it will be likely little to none.

Be aware that it is a business and get the right mind-set that it will probably take a few years to break even, just tell them that you are very close and still ahead of the masses.

It is not something that you can say, “ I will give it a year and if it doesn’t work then I quit”, the chances are that you will be quitting when you are about to make money.

Normally it takes around 8 weeks to see your first results but a lot longer before it makes a real difference.

The masterclass doesn’t promise you that in a year you will know everything, it is created to give you all the tools to set up your business and be able to compound what you sow these first months.

The average time period for a business to become profitable is between three and five years, but the great thing about network marketing is that once you have set up your system you can duplicate it, so the hardest work will be in the beginning and you can still do it part time besides your day job.

You need to focus on two things when you decide to start this business;

You have to get the right skill set, you have to develop yourself, work on your personal development, attend meetings, get to know the company how they work, how their compensation plan is but that alone is not enough.

You have to take action, without taking action, nothing will happen, you probably learn a lot but that won’t bring you anywhere without action.

The same for the other way around, a lot of action without the right skills won’t work either

Don’t focus on your results over the course of one year. Your results are made up from the combination of your activity level and skill set, focus on them and your results will be coming.


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